Hoping to be able to heal Princess Ruto from her poison, Einion went to Lake Hylia to look for the doctor. He posted the log here. He run into Concorao there, and the doctor is played by Aubrey. Check it out, it’s great!

Now Recruiting!

Ganondorf is looking for bad guys to help him with his evil purposes. 😉 If you are interested, just connect and contact Xu. 🙂

Remodeling the site / PAX

We are going through some “remodeling” on the website. Tonight, Xu, Link, and I will be playing quite a bit with it, so I apologize if it seems to change by the moment or it does not work at some point. 🙂 It should have lots of useful information once we are done. We’ll probably be working on […]


I added one more log that is the conclusion of the current scene of the main storyline. You can read the log here, or the whole current storyline here. Enjoy! 🙂

Welcome Ruto!

As you probably know, we have a new Ruto. Even though she was not familiar with MUCKs, she is an excellent RPer and has done a wonderful job since day one! When you see her, please take a moment to introduce yourself and welcome her. :>

Irina’s Bday

As of today, Irina has officially been a member of the MUCK for 5 years. It’s been so much fun! Drop by the Wolfos tonight and get a free drink. 😉

Updated Storyline

Xu, Irina, and Navi carried Saria back home and took her of her wounds. Then they headed for Zora’s Domain and found Princess Ruto. At this point, they are running back to the Crimson Wolfos, hoping they still have time to prevent Link from becoming a shadow. Read the whole plot up to this point here…


Even though some FC’s are not taken, we might ask for a temporary player for a particular RP session. For example, imagine we need Darunia for a session around Death Mountain but nobody is playing him. In that case, we’ll ask for somebody to play that role for the session. If you think you know […]

Some FCs’ Inactivity…

Some FCs have not connected for over two months. They agreed to (and used to) connect at least a couple of times a week, but obviously RL comes first and sometimes things come up. So it is fine, but if they continue to be inactive for the next couple of weeks, they will have to […]

We are moving…

Our dear Xu was very nice to give us a ‘name’ for the MUCK. On top of connecting through the usual MUCK IP address, you can also connect through here: port 4201 …which points to the same IP address, but is easier to remember. 😉 Feel free to update or continue using the IP […]